Local websites

South Gloucestershire Parents and Carers


South Gloucestershire Parents and Carers [previously known as Our Voice Matters] is the local Parent Forum in South Gloucestershire. It is a parent led organsiation that work in partnership with South Glos childen young People dept and the NHS South Glos in shaping services for our children.  




Supportive Parents


Supportive Parents is a parent-led organisation providing the Parent Partnership Service for Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. This service is confidential and provides independent parental support to parents of children with special educational needs.




Special Friends Club


Special Friends Club is a charity operating throughout the wider Bristol area and run by parent volunteers. The charity provides support for families of children with special needs by organising a range of activities and social opportunities that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family.





Children's Playlink


Children's Playlink is a children's charity which is based in South Gloucestershire. Established in 1995, Childrens Playlink has grown dramatically over the last 10 years and now employs over 20 staff providing services to childcare groups and children throughout the county.





Further services can be found on the NAS autism services directory: www.autism.org.uk/directory